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EmEditor Professional 10.0.1 released!

EmEditor Professional v10.0.1
Today, we are pleased to announce the release of EmEditor Professional v10.0.1.

Updates from v10.0.0 include:

– Fixed the bug where vertical selection editing did not work well when the virtual space was on.
– Fixed the bug where the caret did not display after the Auto Detect Result dialog was dismissed.
– Fixed the bug where full-width bracket auto-complete on the selection did not work.
– Fixed the bug where the Backup Folder in the Backup tab of configuration properties may display the wrong absolute path when a relative path is specified (the actual backup works correctly).
– When the About dialog box appears immediately after EmEditor launches, the “Validating” status will now change to “Registered” after validated.
– Removed 30 minute limit on the Trial version.
– In case of passing the standard input to an external tool, EmEditor now closes the standard input after all the text has been passed (Ruby support).
– Fixed the bug where EmEditor slows down when the ruler is on and when the window is large in height.
– Fixed the bug where EmEditor did not display a warning message when a very large file fails to save because the file permission denies written to the file.
– EmEditor now doesn’t automatically save a workspace if a large file is included in the workspace when exiting EmEditor. This prevents EmEditor wasting time to launch by trying to load a workspace automatically with a very large file.
– When INI files are used (for portable edition), EmEditor now disables the “Check for Updates” and “Customize Update Checker” commands.
– EmEditor now enables the “Copy File Path Name” command even when a Find in Files result is active document.
– Fixed the bug where the default check status of the “Synchronize Vertical Scrolling when Split” and the actual status was opposite.
– Fixed the bug where the Previous Cell command did not work.
– Fixed the bug where the Paste command did not work well when the Sticky Vertical Mode is on.
– Fixed the bug of the auto indent feature with regular expressions.
– Fixed the bug where sort commands were enabled even when the Read Only mode is on.
– The number of encodings displayed in the menu was adjusted. Additional encodings can be added by the Define Encodings command.
– Other Bug fixes.
– Added the Czech, English (U.K.), French, German, Italian, Russian, and Spanish User Interface.

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If you are already using EmEditor Professional 10.0.0, you can Check for Updates on the Help menu to download the update. If not, users who are already registered in the Emurasoft Customer Center can go to https://support.emeditor.com/ to login, and then view “Available Downloads” to download the upgrade.

Thank you for using EmEditor Professional!


The trial version cannot be unlocked with a registration key. v10 key is different from v8 and v9 keys. In order to use v10, you must have a v10 key. If you have purchased older versions of EmEditor Professional (v4-9), you can request a v10 key on the Purchase Page of Emurasoft Customer Center: https://support.emeditor.com/.

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