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EmEditor Professional v10.0.5 released!

Today, we are pleased to announce the release of EmEditor Professional v10.0.5.

We added Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese user interfaces to this version. We are looking forward to hearing your feedback if you know these languages.

Updates from v10.0.4 include:

– Fixed the bug where the template contents could be inserted on editing a snippet if you specify a template for the Text configuration.
– Fixed the bug where UTF-8 auto-detect may not have worked when opening a very large file.
– Fixed the bug where only a portion of very large file could be searched when trying to use Find in Files feature with a very large file.
– Fixed the bug where clicking the “Find Up” did not count matches on a certain condition.
– Fixed the bug where the cursor did not move to start/end of document when “Additional Lines to Search for Regular Expressions” was not 0.
– Fixed other bugs.
– Added Korean, Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese user interfaces.

<<< To Download >>>

If you are already using EmEditor Professional 10.0.x, you can Check for Updates on the Help menu to download the update. If not, users who are already registered in the Emurasoft Customer Center can go to https://support.emeditor.com/ to login, and then view “Available Downloads” to download the upgrade.

Thank you for using EmEditor Professional!


The trial version cannot be unlocked with a registration key. v10 key is different from v8 and v9 keys. In order to use v10, you must have a v10 key. If you have purchased older versions of EmEditor Professional (v4-9), you can request a v10 key on the Purchase Page of Emurasoft Customer Center: https://support.emeditor.com/.

SHA1 hash and bytes:

Trial (Installer, 32-bit): E2A9440B4D6F198149D25DF50E12170DABA3AE04 (10,041,480 bytes)
Full (Installer, 32-bit): 052203FBF34D4E589BA9FE00D681C1EEC6540036 (10,677,976 bytes)
Full (Installer, 64-bit): 54E720DCF6D98E808E4FF04EF3EAE89B2F1A980E (11,542,408 bytes)
Full (Portable, 32-bit): AC127901E5BDDCA121A3A9DFF67AE798FDD08BFE (8,213,033 bytes)

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