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EmEditor Professional v10.1.1 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v10.1.1.

Updates from 10.1.0 include:

– Fixed the bug where, in the CSV/TSV mode, text in one row could stick out to the next row.

– When the “Incremental Search”, “Use Regular Expressions”, and “Count Matches” check boxes are checked in the Find dialog box, the new version suppresses the warning message even if only a backslash is entered.

– Fixed the bug where selecting “Customize” multiple times in the Jump List of the Windows 7 Task Bar brings up multiple “Customize Menus” dialog boxes. Also fixed the bug where the multiple “Customize Tray Icon” dialog boxes could appear.

– Fixed the bug where MS Office IME 2010 did not run even when the “Run Input Method Editor” check box on the General tab of configuration properties was selected.

– Fixed the bug where EmEditor sometimes crashed when the Narrowing feature was set and when the Clipboard contents were pasted vertically.

– Fixed a certain Thai Language display issue.

– Fixed a certain Paste in Quotes and Returns issue.

=== To Download ===

If you are already using EmEditor Professional 10.0.x, you can Check for Updates on the Help menu to download the update.

Beginning this version, the trial becomes the same as the full-version (as it was in v8 and earlier), and simply entering a registration key during the trial will switch the program to the full-version.


v10 key is different from v8 and v9 keys. In order to use v10, you must have a v10 key. If you have purchased older versions of EmEditor Professional (v4-9), you can request a v10 key on the Purchase Page of Emurasoft Customer Center: https://support.emeditor.com/ before November 1, 2011.

Please read an important message “Paid upgrades for licenses purchased on or after November 1, 2011″

Thank you for using EmEditor Professional!

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