EmEditor v15.2.0 beta 1

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v15.2.0 beta 1.

Updates from v15.1.7 include:

New General Features

  • Greatly improved the execution speed of Replace All while selecting a column of a CSV document, and deleting vertical selection.
  • Help can be viewed in a browser from the Internet. You can still choose to view the local help file (Preference sub menu on the Help menu). The Help file will not be included in the installer. It can be installed separately.
  • “Repeat the first line as header” check box was added to the “Header and footer” page of the “Split Current Document into Several Files” wizard.

Test results:

Replace All selecting a CSV column *149.71 seconds0.54 seconds
Delete selecting a CSV column *2201.62 seconds0.78 seconds

*1 380,000 line CSV, select a column, replace all “a” with “$$$”, no match case
*3 380,000 line CSV, select a column, press DELETE
* Windows 8.1 (64-bit) Core i7-4790 16GB RAM

We would like to find as many bugs as possible before we release the new version. Please try it out now and let us know if you find any bugs.

To download or see changes, please go to the beta forum – EmEditor Professional v15.2.0 beta 1 released!.

Thank you for using EmEditor!

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