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    Tools > Plugins > Snippets

    With the Snippets plugin open (default on the left).
    Expand the “HTML” folder: You’ll see, “Convert Selection to Entities”

    i.e. Ctrl+Shift+5

    Also, in the HelpFile

    EmEditor Home – EmEditor Help – Features

    For Web Designers

    EmEditor is an ideal tool for editing HTML, PHP, JSP and XML files. By specifying an Internet browser as an external tool, you can preview HTML files while editing them. HTML and scripting language keywords are highlighted according to HTML or independent scripting language configurations, which makes finding spelling errors and typos easy. Unicode characters are automatically converted to the HTML/XML character reference ( &H10070; ) or named entity reference ( © ). EmEditor can use a code page specified at the tag “charset=” line, and furthermore, you can use plug-ins to insert various tags or verify XML documents with an XML Parser.

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    You mean besides, enabling the Explorer plugin, and right-clicking on the file, “Properties“, and clicking on the [Summary] tab?

    in reply to: bookmarks #9118

    that, I currently don’t know how to accomplish.

    It looks like it would require the plugin value GET_LINE_INFO
    to know whether the line has changed since before you pressed “F2”. And I don’t see how the javascript and plugin structure relate to one another.

    Nor do I see how one can easily assign a shortcut-key to a macro, so that it will automatically run without user-intervention.

    Now with Autohotkey, I have an idea how it could be done. Monitor object changed when F2 is pressed. If the object hasn’t changed then goto beginning of document (Ctrl+Home) and unhook the RegisterCallBack for object changed.

    in reply to: bookmarks #9115

    I have F2 set to “Next Bookmark in This Document”, but as the OP indicated, he’d like it to wrap to the beginning when it reaches the end — like the Find option [x] Move to Start/End of Document.

    in reply to: integrating emeditor and emftp #9111

    I was surprised that EmEditor is missing a FTP integration option. I’ve been editing files from a Total Commander FTP session – but that is extremely tedious, what with all the dialogs required for each edit/save.

    As I noted at the end of the Total Commander thread:

    FTP Drive 3.5 (214KB) , install and run.

    Add your FTP servers in the “Sites List Editor”.
    FTP Drive will create a mounted drive (defaults to Z) under My Computer.

    1.Content is browseable like a regular folder structure.
    2.Can use normal edit commands, context-menu’s TC Buttons, etc.
    3.Can drag files into folders, or Copy and them Paste from the context menu.
    4.Copy/Paste from a local Harddrive into the Z:MyWebSite.
    5.Use TC’s Comment descript.ion’s for files.
    6.When you are editing a file, and save it. It is saved. Done.

    Quirk: To create a NEW file on the server with the Windows Save(as) Dialog — You will need to save the file twice. The first save creates an empty file and you get an error dialog. Further saves work as normal.

    Red (above) -> TC FTP cannot do.

    CONS (1): “FTP Drive 3.5” saves FTP site passwords unencrypted (plain-text) within FTP Drive’s folder. That aspect is not secure. The master-password option of TC and other Password managers (or even Opera) would be much preferred.

    Non TC-Related NOTES:

    FTP Drive” works fine from Explorer, other file browsers, and/or the Windows open/save dialogs.

    Start a FTP session by simply opening a subFolder within Drive Z:

    Files are accessed as normal aside from minor read/write delays (as expected) since they need to be uploaded/download from/to the server.

    in reply to: line comment #9107

    I have a couple regex hilighters:

    Hilight an AHK label,

    Hilight variables, like FOO+=, FOO:=, FOO.=
    [A-Za-z0-9_#[]@-]+(| |t)+(+|-|.|:)=[ ]?
    Now hilight the .=, :=, etc so it’s not the same colour as the variable

    Hilight variables inside percent signs.

    While you can’t specifically call your regex a line-comment as such, you can just choose a text color for your regex that matches what you want for the line-comment.
    And do:


    Hilight right side, as Yutaka indicated.

    in reply to: highlight words #9106

    I was talking about possible new features,
    1) Allow a custom regex to be used to indicate when “” quote string hilighting shouldn’t be done.

    2) Allow a custom input field for notifying EmEditor what leading characters before a quotation-mark should indicate that the quotation-mark is part of a string (is escaped).
    e.g, RegexMatch(Foo, “This is a “string” that has embedded quotes. The string hilighter shouldn’t end after ‘This is a’ as the quote is escaped.”)

    Currently EmEditor only allows you to list a single character as an escape for a string (quote). In autohotkey for instance, I would need two. ` and

    in reply to: highlight words #9101

    I would think a custom field, for blocking quote hilighting might work.

    Don’t consider quotes a string (when matches):
    [ ]?style=”.*”


    Otherwise you have to disable quote hilighting.

    There’s also a bit of a bug in that regard, when you have a custom highlighter and do something like:
    RegExMatch(Foo, “”test””)

    EmEditor thinks “” is the start and end of a string, and “” is the start/end of a string.

    Possibly, as well:

    Ignore Escaped quotes:


    I dunno about the live-regex/Incremental search for “In Files”

    But XNews.exe has a very useful tool built-in, “Test Regex”

    Pattern: (Regex Pattern).*(goes here).?
    Test String: Example string for Regex Pattern to match goes here.
    Result: ***Match***
    Matched String and sub-expressions:

    00) Regex Pattern to match goes here.
    01) Regex Pattern
    02) goes here

    The dialog has a [Match] and [Close] button, and a [x] Match case, checkbox.

    in reply to: capitalize #9081

    Edit | Convert Selection | Capitalize
    CTRL + SHIFT + U

    in reply to: question anbou files comparision #9078

    I generally use Total Commander’s compare tool for this type of task.

    in reply to: Buy EmEditor from Emurasoft directly paying with Euros? #9074

    Buy from downloadpipe (it still goes to shareit, but it’s not as much), that’s where I got my license.

    The process of †getting recognized thru this site and the EMuraSoft customer center was a little odd, compared to instant process for WinRar or Total Commander.

    Although the reseller WinRar uses is highly questionable, and they sold my email address to spammers: After buying winrar spam to that email address doubled or tripled and I started getting stuff from the UK/France/etc.

    The TC license was cool, no additional charge to be sent a physical disk and license.

    † Since at the time the license was for V8.x and EmEditor was at V9.


    Find/Replace should be able to enable the “Output bar” to indicate what should be placed there:
    1) All Found Text, and 2) All Replaced Text
    or just 2) All Replaced Text.

    I thought it was possible, but it appears only the “Find in Files” allows usage of the Output bar for searches.

    in reply to: Outline plugin: How to change configuration scheme? #9060

    It definitely works. You need to choose Type custom. I don’t believe the custom types are very useful though — as well there’s not a single example or documentation on how to use them. From what I’ve been able to do with them, they seem extremely limited in functionality.

    It would be much more useful to me if I could choose one of the existing Types and customize that. As opposed to having to choose Custom and lose all the features of the pre-existing Outline types.

    The Custom (begin1/end2) is easy enough to figure out, though it’s so limited as to make me wonder why it even exists: You can have 1 and only one begin string, and one and only 1 end string — unless you use a non-discriminating regex for both that would match anything, eg

    1) “{|.*::.*”
    2) “}|return”

    Except now an open brace { can be closed with “return”.

    Customization of the Outline format is probably one of the few features I find in need of a complete overhaul in EmEditor.

    in reply to: Outline plugin: How to change configuration scheme? #9058

    With the outline plugin open. Right click on it, choose Properties. Customization can be done from there.

    in reply to: save empty file #9054

    Hahaha. Of course.
    Half or more of all feature requests and/or bug reports are “Features that already exist”, but aren’t the default (in options/config).

    in reply to: Search results – show only matches, hide the rest? #9052

    Cool, I’ll havta check it out.

    in reply to: save empty file #9049

    So assign it to Ctrl+Shift+S

    in reply to: save empty file #9047

    File -> Save As

    in reply to: how to do rectangular selection? #9045

    EmEditor HelpFile:
    Search: Alt select

    EmEditor FAQ: How can I select a column block of text?

    EmEditor Home – EmEditor Help – Frequently Asked Questions – Edit

    Q. How can I select a column block of text?

    To select in a box, use the mouse to select while pressing the ALT key, or press SHIFT + CTRL + F8.

    in reply to: Search results – show only matches, hide the rest? #9044

    That’s an interesting idea, if the Output bar could be used for Search in the current file and/or all open files. As opposed to the current behaviour wherein you can only use the output bar if you do a Directory Search (Ctrl+Shift+F)

    in reply to: Restore Workspace does not restore window maximized state #9039

    What I find more annoying than this, is when you compare 2 files. it puts 2 EmEditor instances side by side. and when you stop comparing your Main instance now has a messed up dimensions — since I’m usually in a non-maximized state. Thus my non-maximized size needs to be manually re-adjusted again.

    Hmmm looks like the Total Commander Flint…:-)

    in reply to: edit urls without opening them #9027

    Tools | Properties for Current (or All)
    [ Link ]

    [x] Link to URLs.
    [x] Enable Double-Clicking only.

    in reply to: EmEditor 10.0.4 – Win2K – RtlIpv6AddressToStringExW #9025

    I thought I did, but that very well might be the case of a few oddities I’ve noticed.

    This latest install wasn’t planned: irrecoverable registry corruption triggered it; It’s quite possible the disk I used wasn’t one of my HotFix+ SlipStreamed CDs as I had trouble finding even ONE of my OS disks after I moved last year.

    It is SP4, but it’s possible that doesn’t include the UR1 (Update Rollup). I need to get Win2K back to drive C anyways — Hopefully soon, I’ll get back to this :-)

    in reply to: Support of multiple text pieces selection (with Ctrl depressed) #9022

    What is multiple text pieces?

    Hold ctrl and it highlights the next word everytime you double click? Like ctrl+Right ? Or something else…?

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