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EmEditor v15.9.0 beta 3

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v15.9.0 beta 3

Notes: Beta versions are updated frequently. In order to update automatically to future beta versions, please select Select Update Channel on the Help menu, and select Betas.
Notes: Indonesian is not supported anymore as the UI language.

Updates from v15.9.0 beta 2 include:

New General Features

  • The Apply to All Documents in the Group check box was added to the CSV Converter.
  • The new version allows you to show the Undo buffer size. (Customize dialog box – Status – Undo Buffer Size)
  • The new version allows you to undo when the Undo data will not be available.

New Plug-in features

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed a certain bug related to Replace All while making muliple selections.

To Download

  • 64-bit installer
  • 32-bit installer
  • 64-bit portable
  • 32-bit portable
  • These files will be deleted when official release versions become available. The official releases can be downloaded at the Download page.

    Please post any questions or comments at Beta Forums.

    Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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