EmEditor v15.9.0 supports JSON

EmEditor v15.9.0 now supports JScript Version 5.8 as a macro language including the JSON object. For example, you can write a macro using JSON:

var text = '{ "employees" : [' +
 '{ "firstName":"Noah" , "lastName":"Smith" },' +
 '{ "firstName":"Emma" , "lastName":"Johnson" },' +
 '{ "firstName":"Liam" , "lastName":"Williams" } ]}';

var obj = JSON.parse(text);

alert( obj.employees[1].firstName + " " + obj.employees[1].lastName );

alert( JSON.stringify( obj, null, " " ) );

This feature was not mentioned in the released notes, but we found it useful so decided to announce in a separate announcement. The JSON support was made possible because of EmEditor customers’ inputs in our forums. Thanks for your support and inputs!

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