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  • in reply to: EmEditor v19.8 beta 4 (19.7.94) #26774

    << can’t found some text >>
    * environment :
    v19.8.4 pro 64-bit
    find mode = “None” (not Regular / Escape / Number Range)
    uncheck both “match case” & “match whole word”
    * test text (to be search) :
    * issue :
    if find “\P” or “\U” ==> can NOT found anything !!!
    if find “\p” or “\u” ==> OK

    in reply to: EmEditor v14.4.3 beta 1 released! #18365

    UPDATE Report : If I turn on “outline guide”, then the outline commands work again.
    but background color of outline panel still can’t change.

    in reply to: EmEditor v14.4.3 beta 1 released! #18364

    The outline commands (ex: collapse line, expand line, previous node, next node … bind to hotkey) are not effect since v14.4.x !!
    And outline background color always is white, even I set to other color already.

    in reply to: huge slow in vertical mode operate ! #9697

    If I active outline plugin, it need over serval minutes !
    If I turn off this plugin, it take just 48 seconds on my machine.

    test same text file on my poor machin :
    RJ TextEd v6.82 complete instant
    PsPad v4.5.5 take 6 sec

    Cound you test more lines (ex: 900000) to highlight the issue ?

    I look forward to future optimization version,
    thank you.

    in reply to: EmEditor Professional v11 Beta 2 (10.9.1) #9623

    Hi Yutaka :
    I post a report at
    (I think that I am post at wrong place, but I can’t remove that subject. I’m awfully sorry for it ….)

    in reply to: deficient function of replace #9585

    by the way :
    if Emeditor can auto remember selection,
    then don’t need disable “incremental search” feature of find/replace dialog in Emeditor v11.
    thank you consider this in future versions ^^


    in last post question has below line :
    ====> var sFn = “c:tmpee.jsee”;
    In fact, the contents of “tmpee.jsee” is like below :
    ====> #include “aa.jsee”
    just one line !!
    It is generation dynamic,
    decide by user input via popup menu.

    maybe I can use shell.SendKeys()
    to run another macro (tmpee.jsee) from within my macro.

    Thanks your reply very much.

    in reply to: How control duplicate keyword in Highlight List ? #9416

    No, enable/disable the word is no help !
    because I want highlight the word already highlighted sometimes.

    for example_1:
    sometimes I want to see where the macro document appear “return” word temporary.
    So I want all “return” word have become Special-Highlight for easy read the source code,
    but the word “return” has its highlight color already (so enable/disable the word is no help)
    and should keep the syntax color setting in *.jess files.

    for example_2:
    sometimes I want highlight some variable (ex: “MyVari”) temporary.

    What I want is look like the highlight result of find command,
    but I need highlight more than one words synchronous, like example_1 + example_2.
    (those two words have different colors and can toggle Special-Highlight conveniences and individually)

    Can you add “Highlight(3)” or “Highlight(user)” tab when press Alt+Enter ?
    I wish those highlight words (ex “return” and “MyVari”) NOT mix in syntax highlight setting.
    Many program languages (ex *.cpp, *.jsee, …) have very long highlight list setting.
    If mix user words and language words, it will be not conveniences and maybe kill language words mindless.
    Maybe it is document.Config.Highlight.UserList, and color more priority than document.Config.Highlight.List !

    (I have a picture show highlight-plugin of jEdit, its list NOT mix in language words list,
    but I don’t know how to attach image file)

    Thank you for add toggle feature in future versions !

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