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32-bit version of installer updated

32-bit version of installer updated

Today, we are replacing the 32-bit version of installer. There was an issue with Custom Install in the 32-bit installer for v14.5.x. The issue was that even if you selected “Custom” and then disabled “Program Shortcuts and Association” features (or any sub features in this folder), these features were actually installed. The new installer fixed this issue. The new file name for the new installer is “emed32_14.5.3a.exe”. The new installer can be downloaded at the Download page.

There are no changes with the 64-bit version of installer nor the portable version, and there are no changes with the actual EmEditor program files. Most customers do not need to update with this fix. However, if you already installed v14.5.x (32-bit) and wish to reinstall EmEditor without “Program Shortcuts and Association” options during install, you could do so by uninstalling existing EmEditor first, and then reinstall EmEditor by using the new installer.

I apologize for any inconveniences you might have experienced.

Thank you for using EmEditor!