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EmEditor v14.3.0 released!

EmEditor v14.3.0 released!
Today, we are releasing EmEditor v14.3.0.

Updates from v14.2.2 include:

New General Features

  • The new ability to highlight changed/saved lines on the left edge of EmEditor windows. “Yellow” means changed lines, and “dark green” means changed but saved lines.
  • The new markers on the vertical scroll bar allows you to view changed lines, saved lines, bookmarks, lines matched with searched strings, comparision results and the cursor position. The left half side changed (“yellow”) and saved (“dark green”) lines. The center zone indicates searched strings (“light green”). The right side indicates bookmarks (“brown”) and comparison results (“green”, “pink”, and “blue”). The cursor position is indicated by a blue horizontal line. All the colors can be customized.
  • Middle-click on a scroll bar now scrolls the document to the specified position.
  • Optimized for large files when Encode/Decode Selection commands are selected.

New Options

  • The Show Marks on Vertical Scroll Bar, Changes, Marks, Found Strings, and Cursor Position check boxes on the Scroll tab of configuration properties.
  • The Highlight Changed/Saved Lines check box on the Marks tab of configuration properties.
  • The context menu displayed when right-clicked on a scroll bar includes the Scroll Properties.
  • The message box displayed at the end of document while searching now includes both OK and cancel button and allows you to cancel the search.

New Commands

  • Scroll Top
  • Scroll Bottom
  • Scroll Page Up
  • Scroll Page Down
  • Scroll Page Left
  • Scroll Page Right
  • Scroll Left Edge
  • Scroll Right Edge

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug related to highlighting a searched string.
  • Fixed the bug where the Move Line Up and Move Line Down commands could work.
  • Fixed the bug where searching in CSV files might have caused a crash.
  • Fixed a certain file comparison issue.

Please see EmEditor v14 New Features for details.

You can download EmEditor v14 at

V14 is free upgrade from v13. To use v14, you will need a v14 registration key. If you have valid v13 licenses, you can view your free v14 registration keys at Emurasoft Customer Center.
80% of our customers (including old customers who have registered their products) already have lifetime licenses. Even if you haven’t installed v13, please click the above link to check if you can upgrade to v14.

Please also read: Announcing our policy change to rapid development, and introducing a maintenance plan.

Thank you for using EmEditor.

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