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EmEditor v14.2.0 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v14.2.0.

Updates from v14.1.0 include:

New General Features

  • User-defined guides can be set now. User-defined guides are vertical lines at specified columns on the editor for each configuration. User-defined guides allow you to easily view
    vertically arranged source
    code or text files.
  • The context menu when right-clicking on the Ruler now includes the Add/Remove User-Defined Guide command, which conveniently add a new guide, or remove an existing guide at
    the mouse-pointed position.
  • CTRL + SHIFT + I was assigned to the default keyboard shortcut for the Insert Special Character command.
  • If the Code Value text box was last used in the Insert Special Character dialog box, the new version now initially sets the keyboard focus to the Code Value
    text box when you open the dialog box again.
  • New HTML 5 elements and CSS 3 properties were added as highlight words to the default HTML and CSS configurations.
  • The new Insert Macron command allows you to insert characters with a macron. Moreover, the existing insert accent character commands were extended to type
    the following additional characters (please see Insert Special Characters for the complete list):
Accent TypeTo type thisPress (default keyboard shortcuts)
GraveǸ, ǹ, Ỳ, ỳCTRL + ` (ACCENT GRAVE), the letter
AcuteĆ, ć, Ĺ, ĺ, Ń, ń, Ŕ, ŕ, Ǵ, ǵ, Ḱ, ḱ, Ḿ, ḿ, Ṕ, ṕ, Ẃ, ẃCTRL + ‘ (APOSTROPHE), the letter
CircumflexĈ, ĉ, Ĝ, ĝ, Ĥ, ĥ, Ĵ, ĵ, Ŝ, ŝ, Ŵ, ŵ, Ŷ, ŷCTRL + SHIFT + ^ (CARET), the letter
TildeĨ, ĩ, Ṽ, ṽ, Ỹ, ỹCTRL + SHIFT + ~ (TILDE), the letter
DiaeresisẄ, ẅ, Ẍ, ẍ, ẗ, ¨CTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), the letter or SPACE
RingŮ, ůCTRL + SHIFT + @, the letter
StrokeŁ, ł, Ⱥ, Ȼ, Ɇ, ɇCTRL + /, the letter
CaronČ, č, Ď, ď, Ě, ě, Ľ, ľ, Ň, ň, Ř, ř, Š, š, Ť, ť, Ž, ž, Ǧ, ǧ, Ǩ, ǩ, ǰ, Ȟ, ȟ, ˇALT + SHIFT + ^ (CARET), the letter or SPACE
MacronĀ, ā, Ē, ē, Ō, ō, Ū, ū, Ȳ, ȳ, Ḡ, ḡ, Ī, ī, ¯ALT + – (HYPHEN), the letter or SPACE
Diaeresis + GraveǛ, ǜCTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), CTRL + ‘ (APOSTROPHE), the letter
Diaeresis + AcuteǗ, ǘ, Ḯ, ḯCTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), CTRL + ‘ (APOSTROPHE), the letter
Diaeresis + CaronǙ, ǚCTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), ALT + SHIFT + ^ (CARET), the letter
Diaeresis + MacronǕ, ǖ, Ǟ, ǟ, Ȫ, ȫCTRL + SHIFT + : (COLON), ALT + – (HYPHEN), the letter
The Add/Remove User-Defined Guide command

The Add/Remove User-Defined Guide command

New Options

The << Find button was added to the Replace dialog box.

The << Find button was added to the Replace dialog box.

The Disable markers automatically when the Markers toolbar is hidden check box

The Disable markers automatically when the Markers toolbar is hidden check box

New Commands

  • Insert Macron
  • Add/Remove User-Defined Guide
  • User-Defined Guides

Macro New Features

  • The ShowUserDefinedGuides property was added to the MarkProp object.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the bug where the Percent-encoding to Unicode command may freeze.
  • Deletes duplicate entries in the HTML configuration.

Please see EmEditor v14 New Features for details.

You can downlaod EmEditor v14 at

V14 is free upgrade from v13. To use v14, you will need a v14 registration key. If you have valid v13 licenses, you can view your free v14 registration keys at Emurasoft Customer Center.
80% of our customers already have lifetime licenses. Even if you haven’t installed v13, please click the above link to check if you can upgrade to v14.

Please also read: Announcing our policy change to rapid development, and introducing a maintenance plan.

Thank you for using EmEditor.

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