EmEditor Professional v14.6.0 beta 1

Today, we are releasing EmEditor Professional v14.6.0 beta 1.

We used to use terminology “Separated Values” or “CSV/DSV/TSV”, but we will start calling all separated values by any delimiters as “CSV”.

Updates from v14.5.4 include:

  • The CSV/Sort toolbar was added. Following commands can be executed against all documents in the current group by clicking the button while pressing the SHIFT key — Normal Mode, all “CSV” commands, all “Convert to” commands, Fixed Width Columns, all “Sort” commands, Delete Duplicate Lines, Heading 0 – 4, Adjust Separator Positions, Automatically Add Separators, and Remove All Separators.
  • The CSV tab was added to the Customize dialog box. You can add or edit CSV formats here. Currently you can define up to 8 CSV formats. As a delimiter, you can specify up to 39 character long string. The “Allow delimiters in double quotes” check box, the “Allow new lines in double quotes” check box and the Heading text box were added.
  • The CSV files to detect list box was added to the File tab of configuration properties.
  • The Extract All button was added to the Find dialog box. Pressing the “Extract All” button will extract lines containing the searched string to a new document.

We would like to find as many bugs as possible before we release the new version. Please try it out now and let us know if you find any bugs.

To download or see changes, please go to the beta forum – EmEditor Professional v14.6.0 beta 1 released!.

Thank you for continue using EmEditor!

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