EmEditor v15.6.0 released!

Today, we are releasing EmEditor v15.6.0.

Updates from v15.5.1 include:

New General Features

  • Improved the speed of opening files. Compared to v15.5, the speed to open a large file (809 MB – 2.02 GB) became 12% – 23% faster.
  • You can now select the update channel. Selecting the beta channel will notify you all updates including betas.
  • The Quick Launch command now includes three modes: Commands (Ctrl + Shift + C), Options (Ctrl + Shift + O), and Symbols (Ctrl + Shift + S). Ctrl + Space to bring up the menu to change the mode.
  • The Quick Launch window can be opened as a modeless window. The toolbar in the Quick Launch window includes “Keep This Window Open” button instead of the “Close” button.
  • When multiple EmEditor groups exist, multiple configuration properties and/or Quick Launch windows can be displayed at once.
  • The Start window now moves along with the EmEditor window when moving the EmEditor window while the Start window is open.
  • The “Windows 10 has been detected. The View Source by EmEditor on Internet Explorer feature might have a conflict with Microsoft Edge…” warning message will not be displayed any more since Windows 10 Build 10586 fixes the Microsoft Edge bug.
  • The existing WrapTags.jsee macro was assigned to shortcut Ctrl + Shift + ,.
  • The following four macros were added.

New Macros

  • SymbolList.jsee (Displays the symbol list for the current source code)
  • GoToDefinition.jsee (Jumps to the definition of the function at the cursor, shortcut F12)
  • PopBrowseContext.jsee (Returns from the definition, shortcut Ctrl + Num *)
  • ParameterInfo.jsee (Displays the parameter information as a tooltip when the cursor is inside the parentheses of a function, shortcut Ctrl + Shift + Space)

New Options

  • The Show Fixed Pitch Fonts Only check box was added to the Customize Font dialog box.

New Commands

  • Select Update Channel
  • Tab/Indent Properties
  • New File Details Properties
  • Save File Details Properties
  • Quick Launch – Commands
  • Quick Launch – Options
  • Quick Launch – Symbols
  • Customize Macros – My Macros
  • Customize Macros – Options
  • Customize Markers – Marker List
  • Customize Markers – Auto Marker
  • Customize Markers – Options

Plug-in New Features

  • The Projects plug-in supports 7 new user messages. These new user message can be used by defining USE_PROJECTS_PLUGIN before including the plug-in.h.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the issue on v15.5.x where the standard input for external tools might not have worked correctly.
  • Fixed the bug where an error message could be displayed twice when a “file:” hyperlink is clicked and the file doesn’t exist.
  • Fixed the bug where Ctrl + Home could not scroll to the top when a CSV mode is selected and the heading is set.

Please see EmEditor v15.6 New Features for details.

To update, you can select Check for Updates on the Help, or you can go to the Download page to download the newest version.

In order to reduce the installer size, the Help file is not included in the installer. You can view the Web Help with your browser, or download the separate Help file. If you would like to download the separate local Help file, please go to the Download Help page.

This version is available free if you have a lifetime license or if your maintenance plan is valid as of November 18, 2015. Your registration keys might be found in the Emurasoft Customer Center. The registration key for v15 is the same as the key for v14.

Please also read: Announcing our policy change to rapid development, and introducing a maintenance plan.

Thank you for using EmEditor!

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