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    Yutaka wrote:
    Hello Deipotent,

    Thank you for explaining. I am beginning to understand your task, but the question is how many users would use this feature. Even adding an extra button “Extract All” in the Find/Replace dialog will certainly annoy some users. I want the user interface as simple as possible.

    I would also like to hear from other users about this topic.


    I second “[ ] Use Output Bar” option.
    Many uses emeditor as a text reader, for them, bookmarks should be… well, bookmarks.
    So I suggest emeditor to replace the “bookmark all” in Find dialoag with “use output bar”, and from output bar the user will be allowed to bookmark all lines, extract all matching words or lines or copy all,etc.
    by doing this, the user is not forced to use bookmarks as a temp processing tool if he doesn’t want to, but those who do can still utilize that.
    What do you think?

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    I got it, thanks a lot! :-D

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    In this verion, the Find&Replace dialog can’t be resized vertical, therefore one can’t do multiline Find&Replace, am I missed something?

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    and if you add a word to multiple selections by ctrl-clicking, the status bar char/line count is not updated either, this is quite comfusing. :-D

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    Beta 5 still has this issue. doesn’t know if this is by design…
    how to reproduce:
    1. Do a vertical selection.
    2. SHIFT+ARROWSHIFT+F8 work as they should.
    3. type something. the selection is then be replaced with the text you input. this is fine.
    4. SHIFT+ARROW has no effect afterwards. the cursor moves, but selection doesn’t, and text will only append to the last portion of the selection, no mater where your cursor is.
    5. SHIFT+F8 changes the cursor from downright corner to upperleft corner, which is correct.
    But SHIFT+F8 again changes the cursor from upperleft to downleft, instead of returning to downright.
    this is also true with multiple selection.

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    Is there any ways to use vertical selection as well as multiple selection?
    i.e. holding ctrl+alt and drag mouse to add a vertical selection to multiple selections? :-)

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    In vertical/multiple selection mode, SHIFT+ARROWSHIFT+F8 does not work, the cursor moves, but text always append to the last portion of the selection.

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    It is currently not possible, but I believe Yutaka said in other posts that he had being working on that and maybe someday we will get this function.
    Meanwhile, you can install Zen-coding on Emeditor, which allows you to use ctrl+[ to go to macting pair, or Ctrl+Shift+D to balance tag.

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    // ==${1/./=/g}==
    // = ${1:Banner} =
    // ==${1/./=/g}==

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    Hi user,
    I wrote this macro for you:

    endOfDocu = document.selection.GetActivePointY( eePosView );
    currentCursor = document.selection.GetActivePointY( eePosView );
    while ( endOfDocu != currentCursor ) {
    currentCursor = document.selection.GetActivePointY( eePosView );
    numberOfChar = document.selection.GetActivePointX( eePosLogical ) - 1;
    document.selection.StartOfLine(false,eeLineView | eeLineHomeText);
    document.selection.Text=numberOfChar + ": ";

    This macro will add numbers which indicate the number of characters of the line to the start of lines.
    After that,you can use the “sort” of emeditor.
    Than replace “^d+?:s” with NULL to restore orginial line.
    Hope it helps. :-)


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    I believe non-line comment is already in request.
    Before then, you can use the HTML snippets to comment html/xml :-)

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    I second that

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    +1 for Flint’s proposal.
    There is no need to “internally” escape the selected text.
    1. when no text selected, Ctrl+F3 finds the next exact word at cursor, so turn off regex and escape sequence, turn on search only word.
    2. if text selected, Ctrl+F3 finds the selection, just turn off regex and escape sequence.
    3. Ctrl+F will always use the word at cursor or the selected text, with options unchanged. Ctrl+F in 10.0.8 works just fine.
    IMHO the current implementation of Ctrl+F3 is not “wrong”, but not “smart” enough :-)


    Hi Yutaka,
    my apologies. I assumed images were enough.
    my point is simple. EE currently supports only ASCII view in HEX mode, therefore only ASCII character can be displayed side by side HEX. I suggest an enhancement on this, i.e. to support codepages or unicode view side by side HEX mode.
    I posted a screenshot of another editor (Madedit) that I think does well on this to illustrate my idea. As you can see, Madedit displays multi-bytes characters side by side HEX, while in EE same characters were replaced by dots.

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    Hi owilsky,
    you can use a macro to toggle marks. There is a simple marco somewhere in the forum, I couldn’t find it though, I just post it here again.

    #title = "Marks"
    #tooltip = "Toggle Marks ON/OFF"

    // Displays or Hides Marks.

    myobject = document.Config;

    if (myobject.Mark.ShowReturns==0 && myobject.Mark.ShowEOF==0 && myobject.Mark.ShowTabs==0 && myobject.Mark.ShowSpaces==0 && myobject.Mark.ShowDBSpaces==0 && myobject.Mark.CrLfDifferent==0 && myobject.Mark.ShowIndentGuides==0 && myobject.Mark.ShowControlCharacters==0) {
    myobject.Mark.ShowReturns="true"; // Returns
    myobject.Mark.ShowEOF="true"; // End of File
    myobject.Mark.ShowTabs="true"; // Tabs
    myobject.Mark.ShowSpaces="true"; // Spaces
    myobject.Mark.ShowDBSpaces="true"; // Wide Spaces
    myobject.Mark.CrLfDifferent="true"; // CR and LF with Different Marks
    myobject.Mark.ShowIndentGuides="true"; // Indent Guides
    myobject.Mark.ShowControlCharacters="true"; // Control Characters
    else {
    myobject.Mark.ShowReturns="false"; // Returns
    myobject.Mark.ShowEOF="false"; // End of File
    myobject.Mark.ShowTabs="false"; // Tabs
    myobject.Mark.ShowSpaces="false"; // Spaces
    myobject.Mark.ShowDBSpaces="false"; // Wide Spaces
    myobject.Mark.CrLfDifferent="false"; // CR and LF with Different Marks
    myobject.Mark.ShowIndentGuides="false"; // Indent Guides
    myobject.Mark.ShowControlCharacters="false"; // Control Characters


    You can comment the marks you don’t want to make the macro suitable to your needs.

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