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    ▲ Searches like this won’t work, unless “Additional Lines to Search for Regular Expressions” is not 0.

    But I don’t think such searches should depend on this setting.

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    My steps are not quick enough, but a macro or Excel won’t be more convenient/flexible as far as I know.
    (Use “Quick Launch” if you can not find the commands used below.)

    TSV mode.
    Select column 1 (by clicking the Column Header above the Ruler).
    Copy it. (“Copy Column(s)” command also can be used, when the selection is not the whole column(s).)
    Paste it into a new tab.

    Now in the new tab:

    Replace with:
    ▲ To insert an empty line between each two groups.

    TSV mode.
    Select the 2nd (empty) column (by clicking the Column Header above the Ruler).

    Numbering: (Enable these 2 options)
    Skip Empty Lines.
    Restart Numbering after Empty Lines.

    After the numbers are added, press “_”.

    Delete column 1. (Now only the number_ column remains.)
    Use “Remove Empty Lines” command.
    Select the column (by clicking the Column Header above the Ruler).
    Copy it. (Or use “Copy Column(s)” command.)

    Now go back to the previous tab:

    TSV mode.
    Position the caret after the 1st tab character. (= before “Mini…”)

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    ▲ “/Bookmark” is missing in “Delete Duplicate Lines dialog box”.
    ▲ “Ignore Case” is missing in that page.

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    Yes, please add an option. Thank you.

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    Select “A” (or select the line).
    Duplicate Line.

    In (e.g.) 18.0.0, the result selection includes both the two “A” lines.
    In the current version, the result selection includes only the lower “A” line.

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    Default settings.
    Remove “&” in “&File” menu.
    I can still use Alt+F to open the “File” menu.
    ** But Alt+F doesn’t work in Full Screen mode.

    I hope the menu bar can be shown by pressing and releasing Alt key.

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    Open several tabs.
    Open Snippets bar.
    Ctrl+Enter to edit a snippet in a tab.
    Switch to another tab (X).
    Close Snippets bar.
    The snippet tab also closed.
    ** But this caused EmEditor to switch to another tab from X.
    Is it possible to prevent the tab switching?

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    Find in Files:
    Encoding = “Configured Encoding”(= System Default), or “System Default (936, gb2312)”.
    No other option is enabled.

    Language for non-Unicode programs = Chinese (Simplified, PRC).

    Win 7 x32.


    If your Extract Option is “Display … Lines …”, EmEditor displays only the first line of each match in the search result.
    Though “Number of Additional Lines Above/Below Matched Lines” option can be used, the additional lines are displayed with the same format.

    I think the Extract function is mainly for single-line/string extracting.
    You can submit suggestions if you need to extract multi-line text.


    I think you are seeking the “Save and Close” command.
    For more convenience, you can:
    – Give it a shortcut key;
    – Make a toolbar button for it; (The default macros are good examples.)
    – Put it into a menu.

    By the way, use “Keyboard Map” (e.g. type “close save” in it) and you can find more by yourself.


    Hello jic,

    If this topic is not resolved yet, try this macro:
    (Here I’m only talking about multi-line replacing, according to your macro. Actually you can use other way to achieve the result, e.g. by moving cursor and deleting the unwanted part via the macro.)

    document.selection.Replace(“^”, “> “, eeReplaceAll | eeFindReplaceRegExp);
    editor.ExecutePlugin(“Snippets.dll”, eePluginUserMessage, 0, “$0${SelText/[\\s\\S]* on behalf of /\\n/}”);
    The new ExecutePlugin method allows you to call plug-in features from within macros. This allows, for example, a snippet feature temporarily even when the Snippets plug-in is not running. See “Examples to call plug-ins from macros” below (in the page).

    The common way for multi-line replacing (that I know, and that you used) would be verbose. And I failed for this reason:

    The line begins with ** in this page:

    The 1st ** in this page:


    Well, it’s just continuous text, if you have to use “cohesive”.

    Multiline mode is just for viewing/editing clearly, when the term in single-line mode includes “\n” and makes one dizzy.

    CTRL+ENTER is just for entering a newline character in that box. (= \n)
    CTRL+ENTER is not for triggering the search.

    You surely can use CTRL+ENTER at the end, if you want to search for a term that ends with a newline character(s).

    In the box is just continuous text.
    It’s not a list for searching 2 or more terms simultaneously.
    Compare it with “Advanced Filter” feature in Filter toolbar.


    Great! According to your video, I think you’ve grasped almost anything!

    The failure was because you enabled “Treat CR and LF Separately” in “Advanced”.

    Read the last sentence at the bottom of this page:

    Let’s see if Yutaka will optimize the Multiline mode:

    I suggest you reset the Advanced options.
    Use them only when needed.

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    Enable “Treat CR and LF Separately”.
    Open Find box and enable Multiline.
    Input two or more lines.
    ** Cannot find it with either of the three options:
    Regular Expressions
    Escape Sequence

    Because \r is not added automatically.
    I think it should be optimized somehow.


    Multi(ple)-line search ≠ Multiple search

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