Working with CSV in EmEditor

We have authored a guide that explains the CSV-related features in EmEditor. The purpose of this document is to assist you in locating all the necessary tools for effectively working with CSV files in EmEditor. The document also includes a comparison of the CSV size limits between EmEditor and Excel.

We also tested EmEditor and Excel in the categories of Opening files, Replacing, and Sorting. The test results demonstrated that EmEditor outperformed Excel by a margin of 14 to 40 times in all the tested categories.

For comprehensive details, please refer to our guide titled “Working with CSV in EmEditor” (PDF).

Disclaimer: We tested all apps as accurately as possible; however, all speeds depend on the tested computers, files, and other factors. All speeds may be improved in future app versions. We recommend that you install and compare these apps for yourself. Other factors, including the feature set, stability, usability, affordability, and design, should also be
considered when deciding which app to choose.