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EmEditor v14 beta released

Today, we are releasing v14 beta.

Updates from v13 include:

– Enhanced multiple selections. When multiple selections are made, cursors appear simultaneously at multiple locations.
– Two new commands, “Percent-encoding to Unicode”, and “Unicode to Percent-encoding” were added. If the mouse pointer hovers on the text encoded with percent encoding, a tooltip will automatically appear with decoded text.
– The Move Line Up and Move Line Down commands were added.
– The new “Close when Finished” check box was added to the “Find in Files” and “Replace in Files” dialog boxes.
– The new “Output Options” drop-down list box was added to the “Find in Files” dialog box, where you can select the display option from “File Names and Lines”, “File Names Only”, “Matched Lines Only”, and “Matched Strings Only”.
– When the Find dialog box is open, selecting the Find command or pressing CTRL + F now sets the keyboard focus to the Find drop-down list box now. Similarly, the Replace, Find in Files, and Replace in Files dialog boxes now sets the keyboard focus to the Find drop-down list box when activated by the shortcuts or selecting from menus.

v14 beta can be downloaded at https://www.emeditor.com/forums/forum/beta/.

To use v14 beta, you will need a v14 registration key. If you have valid v13 licenses, you can view your free v14 registration keys at Emurasoft Customer Center.

Please also read: Announcing our policy change to rapid development, and introducing a maintenance plan.

Thank you for using EmEditor.

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Announcing our policy change to rapid development, and introducing a maintenance plan

Until today, we have been releasing a major upgrade usually once every year, and tried to add all new features to major upgrades. However, under this practice, it was difficult to add features except at major upgrades, and difficult to respond to customers’ frequent requests in details.

To address this issue, we are going to change our policy to allow more frequent updates (rapid releases), whether major or minor, to enable more flexible responses to our customers’ needs. As we are changing our policy, we stop selling major upgrades, but instead introducing a maintenance plan, which allows free updates, whether major or minor, during a valid maintenance plan. Purchasing or subscribing a maintenance plan allows you to receive free updates for free.

Normal licenses purchased on or after January 1st, 2014 will automatically include a one-year free maintenance plan. The customers can continue the subscription to receive updates for upcoming years, or cancel the subscription anytime not to renew the maintenance plan.

If you already have valid v13 normal licenses, you can upgrade to v14 for free, and receive a free maintenance plan through the end of December, 2014. Please purchase or subscribe a maintenance plan in December, 2014 if you continue to receive updates.

A maintenance plan will be offered as a half the price of a normal license. The version of EmEditor you already have can continue to work permanently even without a maintenance plan, but if you need updates, you will need a valid maintenance plan.

Lifetime licenses will not be affected by this policy change. (79.7% of the registered products in Emurasoft Customer Center are already lifetime licenses.)

If you already have v13 licenses, you can view your free v14 licenses at Emurasoft Customer Center. If you already have v13 licenses, the maintenance plan will end at the end of December 2014 no matter when you start using v14 licenses.

Please contact us if you have any questions.

Thank you for using EmEditor.

Announcing Academic Licenses for EmEditor!

We are very pleased to announce Academic Licenses for EmEditor. We have decided to offer this licensing for inspiring and encouraging our new generation. An Academic License is $20 off the original normal or lifetime license price. By clicking the Facebook or Google+ button in the Academic licenses page, you can easily access to the special discount purchase page. (We will also support those who don’t have Facebook or Google+ account via email.)

See Academic Licenses page for more information.

Our hearts go out to those suffering from Typhoon Haiyan

We were shocked and saddened by the tragic loss of life and damage caused by the devastating Typhoon Haiyan occurred in and near the Philippines. Our hearts go out to all those who are suffering from Typhoon Haiyan. Today, we donated JPY 100,000 (US$1,008) to the Red Cross Society. It is a little money but we hope it will help some lives and people in the affected area. We sincerely extend our deepest sympathies to all concerned during this difficult time.