How do you convert CSV to fixed-width columns? How do you convert fixed-width to CSV?

Each line and column in a CSV file is of variable length. When you convert the file to have fixed-width columns, each column and line of the file will have the same, constant length. This is done by inserting whitespace between each column. Some programs output data in fixed-width format, so the CSV Converter in EmEditor can conveniently convert it to variable-width CSV for easier editing.

Say you have a CSV file that looks like:


The fixed-width format for this would look like:

alfa      bravo     charlie   delta     
echo      foxtrot   golf      hotel
CSV Converter

Convert CSV to fixed-width

How to convert CSV to fixed-width columns

  1. Open your CSV file and go to CSV | CSV Converter.
  2. Select Fixed Width Columns in the CSV Formats list.
    • In the CSV document, drag the column widths or change Column Widths to set the column widths of the output.
    • To minimize the column widths and thus the output file size, go to Tools | Customize…, open CSV Options page, and change the Default column width to 1. When you open the CSV file again, the columns will shrink to their minimum widths so that your fixed-width file will also be as small as possible.
  3. Click Convert Now.

How to convert fixed-width columns to variable-width CSV

  1. Open your fixed-width file and go to CSV | CSV Converter.
  2. Select Comma separated in the CSV Formats list.
  3. In the Column Widths group, click on Auto Add to set the column positions.
  4. Click Convert Now.
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Convert fixed-width to CSV