How do I assign a shortcut key to insert a special character?

Many shortcut keys are already assigned to insert many special characters by default. To see which keys are assigned, go to Insert Special Characters.

  1. Any character can be assigned to your favorite shortcut key using a macro. For example, if you would like to insert ä with a shortcut key, write a macro:

    and save as a .jsee file, for example, InsertA.jsee.

  2. Go to Macros | Select…, and choose the .jsee file. Under Macros, run this macro to test the script.
  3. To assign a shortcut key to this macro, go to Tools | Properties for All Configurations and open the Keyboard. Select My Macros from the Category drop-down list, select the .jsee file you just saved, and assign your favorite key to the macro.
    Configuration Keyboard