How do I install EmEditor without displaying dialog boxes?

During normal installation, dialog boxes will be displayed, and a user must click the “Next” button or set options. However, when you install EmEditor into multiple computers in corporate or group environments, you might want to use a batch or scripting file to automate the installation. EmEditor uses Windows Installer for installation, and the “quiet” installation is possible.

For instance, if the EmEditor installation file is emed64_24.2.0.msi, running the following command:

msiexec /i "(...path...)emed64_24.2.0.msi" /passive

will install EmEditor with default settings without displaying any dialog boxes.
If you wish to change the default settings, you can use following options:

MSIINSTALLPERUSER=1Available only before v24.2. Specifies a per-user install for the current user. This is the default option after v20.9.
MSIINSTALLPERUSER=""Available only before v24.2. Specifies a per-computer install (all users install). This option must be run in Command Prompt. If you use PowerShell, this option should be specified at the end of command line. This was the default option before v20.8.
NOCHECKUPDATES=1disables checking new versions of EmEditor periodically via the
NOCONTEXTMENU=1disables adding a shortcut to the Context Menu on Explorer.
DESKTOP=1enables adding a shortcut to the Desktop.
NOIEEDITOR=1disables adding EmEditor to Internet Explorer HTML editor list.
NOIEVIEW=1disables View Source by EmEditor on Internet Explorer.
NOPATH=1disables adding the path to EmEditor to the PATH environment
NOSHORTCUT=1disables adding a shortcut to the Program menu.
NOSKIP=1does not skip installer screens even when upgrading.
NOTRAYICON=1disables the tray icon.
NOTXT=1disables the association of text files.
REGNAME="name"enters the name of licensee.
REGKEY=xxxxxxenters a registration key.
REGEMAIL="email"enters an email address that was used to sign in to Emurasoft Customer Center.
/qinstalls EmEditor without showing dialog boxes.

For instance, if you wish to install EmEditor only for the current user specifying a registration key, the name of licensee, and an email address, run the following command:

msiexec /i "emed64_24.2.0.msi" /q REGNAME="John Doe" REGKEY=xxxxx REGEMAIL="[email protected]"

There are many options for Windows Installer. For details, run:

msiexec /?

to display the list of available commands.