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EmEditor 6.00.2 released!

EmEditor Professional 6.00.2, EmEditor Standard 6.00.2, and EmEditor Free 6.00.2 have been released!

Updates from Version 6.00.1 include:

– Optimized Outline plug-in by using another thread to update the outlining tree.

– Optimized multiple-row tabs when the Save All command is selected.

– If both Quick Start and Tray Icon checkboxes are checked, and the Explorer plug-in or the Search plug-in is open, then about 5 seconds after all EmEditor windows were closed, the keyboard focus to another window (not EmEditor Window) will be lost. This bug was fixed.

– This version along with EmFTP Professional v3.00 alpha 2 fixed an issue where editing the FTP server-side files with EmEditor used to disable EmEditor’s tabs.

– Explorer plug-in now remembers the root folder.

– Other minor bug fixes.