Interview article with CIO Korea (IDG) in Seoul was published!

Interview | Do you know the fast, large-capacity editor ‘EmEditor’? ··· Yutaka Emura, CEO, developer with 40 years of experience (Google translation)

Original: 인터뷰 | 빠른 대용량 편집기 ‘엠에디터’를 아시나요? ··· 40년 경력의 개발자 에무라 유타카 대표

Interview article with CNET Korea in Seoul was published!

[Interview] Yutaka Emura, CEO of Emurasoft, “EmEditor, the world’s fastest professional software” (Google translation)

Original: [인터뷰] 에무라 유타카 에무라소프트 대표 “엠에디터(EmEditor), 세계에서 가장 빠른 전문가용 SW”