Find and Replace

EmEditor’s Find and Replace functions support regular expressions, find and replace in files, and many other options to make searching easier.

The Find in Files dialog allows you to specify more details such as an encoding of the file to be searched. You can specify an encoding in the Encoding drop-down list. You can also set up the Configured Encoding, so that a file will be opened with its associated encoding.

With Replace in Files, you can use regular expressions to search for specific words and characters and then replace them with a specified term. You can also specify an encoding to use for the document. To prevent unwanted automated editing, such as inserting unintended words, EmEditor replaces the words you specify, but leaves the editor open without saving changes right away. Replaced words are highlighted to assist in confirming your changes. if you do not wish to keep the changes, you can easily remove them with the Undo command.