Projects Plug-in

The Projects plug-in helps you to organize the files for different projects by grouping your files into projects, from which you can create and work from templates, assign symbols to your files, and more.

When using the Projects plug-in, EmEditor displays a folder tree where you can group your files into projects, and those projects into solutions. From there, you can carry out all sorts of project-specific actions, like creating templates and organizing each component of your project.

To add files to a project, right-click Untitled Project, select Project, then click Add Existing Files. You can also add an entire folder to a project by dragging and dropping it from explorer.

With the symbols feature of the Projects plug-in using ctags, EmEditor creates the Symbol list automatically. Using the Symbols feature, the cursor can jump to symbol definition positions, go back to original positions by clicking buttons on the Projects toolbar. Moreover, the plug-in can display the parameter information for functions as a tooltip.

Since the Symbols feature can be used only for the current open file, it can be used without defining a project.

It also allows you to open Visual Studio solution files as read-only.