Large File Controller

The Large File Controller enables you to view and edit files larger than 16TB (64-bit version) by opening up one section of the file at a time. You can control which and how many bytes are opened, and view how much disk space is available.

When you open a large file (that is – larger than the size you specify), EmEditor displays the Large File Controller by default. This feature helps EmEditor to quickly open and edit large files by opening up only a section of the file at a time, and you can control the whole process. The Large File Controller allows you monitor the entire file size, the amount of the file already opened, and the available disk space.

Within the Large File Controller, you can stop the opening process by clicking the Stop button. After that, you can select which portion of the file you want to open by sliding the From, To, and/or the Size slides, and pressing Apply. Notice that the numbers you specify will be adjusted to the nearest new lines when opened, unless binary files are opened. You can also change the display unit between Bytes and Terabytes. After opening a portion of your file, editing and saving, the whole file will be saved as one file.

If you don’t want the large file controller to appear during the opening process, you can go to the File tab of the Customize dialog box, and clear the “Displays Large File Controller when a large file is opened” check box. You can always open the large file controller by clicking “Large File Controller” on the View menu.